Trussed Mono Pitch Roof <15°

For a Trussed mono pitch <15°, according to BS5250 (British Standards Management of moisture in buildings), a calculated airflow of 25,000mm² per linear metre at the eaves is required to manage moisture in the roof cavity. This is achieved by creating a calculated, unimpeded airflow system that will allow outside air into the roof cavity, past the insulation at the eaves complying with H1 and NZS4246:2016 and existing through the ridge cap of the roof at the high point (Barge/apron), by means of negative pressure created by the applied ridge vent and the natural convection of the warm internal air. This manages moisture created/generated by means of construction moisture and occupancy behaviour. To manage and reduce the risk of dew point transference from roofing iron to underside of underlay caused by variance of temperature, creating separation and ventilation between the iron and underlay is recommended.

Recommended Product Combination for Trussed Mono Pitch Roof <15°


Over Fascia Vent

The VENT Over Fascia Vent – G2500N is the most practical and cost efficient method of ventilating the Eaves for skillion roofs, and truss roof pitches between 5-15 degrees. It is easy to install, discrete and is compatible with either timber of metal fascias.

  • 25000mm2 p/lm free flow of air
  • Releases hot air from roof voids and manages condensation
  • Easy to install
  • Not visible as hidden by spouting/gutter
  • The only solution to ventilate builds with no eaves
  • Forms part of a passive ventilation system that works year round with no moving parts or energy consumption


Eaves Comb Filler

The G1275 VENT Eaves Comb Filler is designed with flexible fingers that adjust to fill the gaps left when using profiled tiles or steel roof cladding, preventing entry of birds and large insects.

The use of the G1275 eliminates the need to make or buy expensive purpose made profiled fillers that can block necessary airflow into the roof spacing between underlay and roof cladding.


Roll Panel Vent

The VENT Roll Panel Vent is designed to maintain a continuous 25mm air gap between the underside of the roofing membrane or sarking board and loft insulation at the eaves, providing a consistent flow of air into the roof space.

  • Ideal for trussed roofs of any degree pitch
  • Facilitates insulation installations in accordance with H1 guidelines.
  • Protects insulation from internal moisture
  • Suitable for new builds or renovations/re-roofs


Ventilation & Drainage Batten

The VENT VB10 is a 10mm Polypropylene Ventilation and Drainage Batten deigned to facilitate 8000mm² p/lm of passive airflow and cavity drainage between the roofing underlay or membrane and the roof cladding.

The VENT VB10 prevents the transfer of dew point from the underside of the roof cladding to the underside of the roofing underlay or membrane


Ridge Vent

The VENT Ridge Vent is designed to release warm air from the roof void using the natural convection of rising warm air or by means of negative pressure created by wind blowing over the roof.

The RV10-half has an adhesive and flexible aluminium flashing which is designed to form to roofing profiles and prevent water ingress on any pitch roof.

  • RV10P-Half for cladding profiles with a through depth <34mm
  • RV10DT-Half for cladding profiles with a through depth 34mm – 38mm
  • Allows warm moist air to escape the roof cavity
  • Forms part of a passive ventilation system
  • Works year round with no moving parts or energy consumption.

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