Circular Soffit Vents – G700


1. Standard Details
2. Standard Details + Dew point batten
Technical Documentation

The VENT Circular Soffit Vent – G700 Vents can be utilised for new build & refurbishment projects. The G700s are an easy retro fit solution for existing soffits on both Skillion and Trussed roof designs with condensation problems. Standard fixing for this product is a simple push twist action into a 70mm hole drilled in the soffit board.

The G700 are designed with 4mm evenly spaced openings specifically sized to prohibit large insects gaining access but wide enough to prevent capillary action.

The G700 comes in white, black or brown colours.

This product should be used in conjunction with the VENT Roll Rafter Tray (G502) to ensure continuous airflow into the roof void.

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